Forumial FAQ

If you’re new to Forumial or looking to replatform your community, this guide will help you learn more about the platform and its features.

How to create a new community forum with Forumial?

In order to create a new Forumial community forum, please follow these steps:

Access Forumial from “”.

Click on the "CREATE YOUR FORUMIAL" button.

Enter the correct information in the input boxes.

After that, click “Register” button.

A message “Registered successfully” will be shown.

Check Verification email in your Email Inbox.

Complete the registration and go to your new Forumial forum.





Customize the forum interface.

In order to create a custom forum interface, please follow these steps:

  • Access your Forumial Administrator from “”.
  • Go to “Display” tab on the Administrator left sidebar
  • It contains all options to customize, check each field and use it for your forum.

Why did I not receive the account verification email?

Reasons for not receiving a verification email:

  • Delay - Emails may take 15 to 20 minutes to send.
  • Typo - Check to make sure the email address is spelt correctly.
  • Spam or Junk Folder - Verification emails may be filtered directly into your email program's spam or junk mail folder.

How to create a new post on the community forum?

In your forum, enter your content in the editor area then click the “Publish” button to create your new post.

How to specify permission for each user?

Users who are registered members of the forum. Users can be added by the admin, imported from other sources (eg. Shopify) or registered by themself. User permissions are managed by adding or removing tags to them.

Discover more in User permissions

User permissions can also be set for each category. Go to create or edit categories to set permissions.

How to change user account passwords on the forum?

Go to your account profile from “”.

Click on the "Create edit profile" button, it will show an “Edit profile” button with Change password button on the Top-Right corner.

Click on the "Change password" button.

Enter the old password, new password and "type password again" in the input boxes.

Click the “Submit” button to complete changing password.

Is there a bandwidth fee?

There are none. All our plans include unlimited bandwidth for free.

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